VIDEO: Watch Viral Fan of 'The Office' Play Theme Song in 10 Different Genres With Impressive TikTok

TikTok user plays 'The Office' theme song in 10 different genres.
TikTok user plays 'The Office' theme song in 10 different genres. / TikTok / @williamstgoldsmith

As everyone's stuck inside continuing to quarantine themselves, many people are trying out new hobbies, learning fun skills, and of course, getting totally addicted to TikTok. One viral user by the name of @williamstgoldsmith is using his extra free time productively, often sharing videos of himself playing the piano and the guitar. With other 50,000 followers, this guy certainly draws tons of attention with his posts, but one recent video is getting way more love than the rest.

Clearly, someone's been watching a whole lot of The Office, and we're not complaining. The TikTok user shared a video of him playing the theme song in 10 different genres on keyboard and guitar, and the results are just awesome.

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Watch the video below and try not to dance along.

From pop, to country, to blues and more, every single genre makes the song we know so well sound like a hit. It's no wonder the video has over 971,000 likes and 13,500 comments! Here's to hoping this TikTok expert recreates more classic theme songs, because people clearly can't get enough of this one.