This 'Office'-Inspired Cookbook is a Game-Changer During Quarantine

'The Office'-inspired cookbook available on Amazon.
'The Office'-inspired cookbook available on Amazon. / Vince Bucci/Getty Images

In need of the perfect meal to whip up while getting ready for another binge-session of The Office? With all the time we now have staying inside, there's even more reason to rewatch our favorite TV show, and more room for creativity when it comes to the kitchen. Thanks to an awesome cookbook, we can combine our love for Dunder Mifflin and food. I can't think of anything better in these trying times.

This recipe book by Susan Gray (per teaches the biggest fans of the NBC series how to make Angela's to-die-for brownies, Michael's potato salad (before it went bad), Jan's Osso Buco, and, but of course, Kevin's famous chili. But that's not all—the collection includes a whopping 30 recipes inspired by the show. I know what I'll be doing to fill my days now!

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And though it might be more fun to make these recipes to host an Office watch-party or any celebration, really, we can still make the best out of the current situation and prepare these fun meals for our friends over a video call. And don't forget, you can still enter to win $1,000 just for hosting a virtual watch-party by April 27. Check out more details here.

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