VIDEO: 'The Bachelor's Kelsey Weier Reveals What Face Work She's Gotten Done on Nick Viall's Podcast 'Viall Files'

Kelsey Weier admits to cheek, jaw, and lip fillers on Nick Viall's podcast 'Viall Files'
Kelsey Weier admits to cheek, jaw, and lip fillers on Nick Viall's podcast 'Viall Files' / YouTube / Nick Viall

There's no way you can call The Bachelor star Kelsey Weier dishonest. The 28-year-old Iowa native just competed on Peter Weber's season, and was faced with accusations of various cosmetics surgeries from viewers, particularly a nose job. Now, she's opening up during an episode of Nick Viall's podcast Viall Files, revealing what exactly she's gotten done.

Last month, Kelsey responded to the most popular rumor about her head-on, posting a beautiful selfie to Instagram and writing, "Spoiler alert: My nose is real." Many people were quick to show support, commenting sweet messages such as, "spoiler alert: you’re gorgeous," "This. Made. My. Day. You go girl," and "Yaaaaaassssss Queen."

Kelsey Weier Plastic Surgery

And in Nick's latest podcast episode, he sat down with Kelsey and talked all things Peter, the season's drama, and that super dramatic After the Final Rose live special. When the topic of her nose came up, Kelsey said she would have no reason to lie about it, exclaiming, "I am proud of the fact that I have botox, fillers, whatever! I don't give a s**t, but I did not get a nose job."

"The only two real things on my face are my nose and my eyes, and those are the two things that people ask [about]," Kelsey admitted, further clarifying, "No one asks me about my cheeks, or my lips, or my jaw." Nick seemed taken aback and asked, "What about your jaw?," to which Kelsey was quick to explain, "Filler! You get it on your jaw. You get it a bit more defined."

Kelsey's honestly is truly refreshing in a world where stigmas are put upon both women and men who get cosmetics work done. Clare Crawley might be the next Bachelorette (despite Kelsey being a rumored frontrunner), but we really hope the former pageant queen can become ABC's leading lady one day. She's awesome!