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30 Best Memes From 'The Bachelor' Season 24 Finale With Peter Weber

'The Bachelor' Season 24 finale memes about Peter Weber, Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett, and more
'The Bachelor' Season 24 finale memes about Peter Weber, Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett, and more | Twitter / @Andrew_George7

The two-part finale of Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor officially went down this week, and fans finally got some highly-anticipated moments we've been teased with for weeks. Yes, we saw the pilot's mom, Barbara, get super emotional over someone we least expected, and then Madison Prewett left. Peter was faced with the decision of picking Hannah Ann Sluss or no one at all, but we already knew it wouldn't be that black and white.

The second half of the finale proved to be even crazier, if you can imagine that. Peter ultimately proposed to Hannah Ann, only to be unsure of their relationship and a month later basically guilt her into breaking things off. It was intense, and the episode still was just getting messier. Madison and Barbara had a hashing out of sorts, which led fans at home to be seriously mad at Peter's mom. And now? The answer is unclear whether or not Peter and Madison are even dating, though we're all pretty convinced they probably are.

The finale basically left us with more questions than answers, but for some comedic relief, here are 30 of the best memes from the big show.

1. They're starting to look more identical every season.

2. Many Bachelor fans are against Barb now.

3. She knows what Peter's into.

4. Hannah B. had true emotions!

5. The bugs were really thriving.

6. Their conversation was going nowhere.

7. Can ABC please record this?!

8. Nothing was getting through to Peter.

9. Anyone else really annoyed at Peter still?

10. I knew they reminded me of someone else's parents!

11. This, I would watch.

12. So awkward!

13. He was so defensive.

14. What can I do to help?

15. Peter's wishing he had Hannah B.

16. Does anyone even know what's going on anymore?

17. So many "bud"s, so little time.

18. She was feelin' the bad vibes.

19. The struggle was so real.

20. Everything is brutal this season!

21. Low blow, but not wrong.

22. This!

23. Barb says Hannah Ann or no one!

24. Honestly, this could work.

25. I need that time back, thanks.

26. Can we please circle back to this?!

27. We all knew he was going to drop some bad news.

28. What a whirlwind for Peter.

29. Nope, no engagement here!

30. It's what we all deserve.