VIDEO: The Full-Length Trailer for Netflix's 'Space Force' With Steve Carell Just Dropped

Steve Carell stars in full-length trailer for Netflix's 'Space Force.'
Steve Carell stars in full-length trailer for Netflix's 'Space Force.' | YouTube / Netflix

It looks like Steve Carell is back to his old antics leading a crew, but instead of a casual Dunder Mifflin office, this time he's in charge of the Space Force. And it doesn't look like he's prepared for the task whatsoever.

The first official trailer for Netflix's new comedy series just dropped, and this is definitely going to be just what we need as quarantine continues. From The Office creator Greg Daniels and Carell, Space Force brings together two of our favorite people in comedy again, and also includes familiar faces such as Lisa Kudrow, John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, and many more. As the trailer opens up, Carell's character Mark is faced with the ultimate job, and he doesn't look thrilled. "Space is hard," he hilariously admits.

Watch the full video below.

With no real desire, not much coordination, and barely any scientific knowledge when it comes to space, is this the right guy for the job? Probably not. But as the trailer continues, it looks like General Mark R. Naird is determined to make it work.

Mark your calendars: Space Force debuts on Netflix on May 29.