VIDEO: See Steve Carell Take on New Boss Role in 'The Office's Greg Daniels' Series 'Space Force' With First Teaser

Steve Carell stars in Greg Daniels' new Netflix series 'Space Force.'
Steve Carell stars in Greg Daniels' new Netflix series 'Space Force.' / YouTube / Netflix

As we're all stuck inside and watching The Office for the 200th time, it may seem impossible at some points to pick up a new show. We all know the usual deal: Starting off determined to find something different or exciting on Netflix or on any streaming service, scrolling through TV shows and movies we just can't commit to for about an hour, and then finally giving in and throwing on our favorite episode of the Dunder Mifflin comedy. If this sounds like your usual Friday night in quarantine, you are absolutely not alone. But now, a new series is coming that you might not be able to pass up, and it has major connections to The Office.

Fans of Steve Carell (who played Michael Scott, of course) have been looking forward to his new show with The Office creator Greg Daniels for months now, and ahead of its release later this month, the first official teaser is here! Watch our very first look at Space Force below and try not to get super excited.

Carell will star in the new comedy alongside big name celebrities such as Lisa Kudrow, John Malkovich, and Ben Schwartz. Though they're a far ride away from Scranton, Pennsylvania, it looks like Carell will be taking on another leadership role in the series, which is believed to be a spoof on Donald Trump's military branch of the same name. Here's to hoping his character is at least a bit more respected than Michael Scott.

Space Force hits Netflix on May 29.