VIDEO: Rihanna Weighs in on Performing at This Year's Super Bowl


You don't have to be a Rihanna superfan to know that the star has a lot on her plate, including the launch of her new Fenty x Savage collection, a partnership with Amazon, and her luxury brand in partnership with LVMH.

Entertainment Tonight got to chat with RiRi at her fashion show in Brooklyn on Tuesday, where they asked her if she would consider, on top of all she's doing, performing this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show. The singer explained she hadn't heard anything about the opportunity, and joked, "I still got an album to finish! You gonna ask me about Super Bowl? My fans about to have my neck."

Previously in the interview, Rihanna also gave a mini update on the status of her album, stating, "Whatever I do is gonna be confident whether it's the album, perfume, lingerie, makeup, or fashion...Y'all gonna have to wait. Navy, I'm so sorry."

The 31-year-old star clearly wants to take her time with all of her upcoming projects to make sure she is delivering the quality that we have grown accustomed to seeing from her. While we're dying for new music, we understand she wants the best for her fans.

Despite all the rumors swirling about her involvement, it does not look like performing at the Super Bowl is going to be on Rihanna's radar anytime soon. For now, we're looking forward to watching her Savage X Fenty show, premiering on Amazon Prime Video Sept. 20.