VIDEO: Kourtney Kardashian Calls Kylie Jenner an Entitled Billionaire in New 'KUWTK' Clip

Drama runs in the lifeblood of the Kardashian family, not just externally (as with the Tristan Thompson scandals) but even internally, among one another. Some spats can draw lines between multiple family members--as proved in a new clip from the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, when Kourtney Kardashian calls Kylie Jenner an entitled billionaire in a dispute over an office she shares with Kris Jenner.

The clip, per Cosmopolitan, chronicles two separate conversations, one between Kris and Kourtney and one between Kylie and Khloé Kardashian. The conflict, the clip indicates, revolves around an argument between Kris and Kylie over the shared office of Kylie Cosmetics; while Kylie wishes to exercise authority over the office, Kris is expressing a degree of control that seems to overshadow Kylie.

At one point in the clip, Kris complains that Kylie has been rude to her in her treatment of the office, and says that her daughter yelled at her for taking her parking spot and even locked her out during a business call. Kourtney, incensed, says, “She has this, like, entitlement. No one says anything because she's Kylie ‘Billionaire’ Jenner.”

Kylie, meanwhile, tells Khloé a different side of the story. “Kris Jenner is just doing too much with my office,” she says. “It's Kylie Cosmetics. How is she going to hide this when my office is done and you walk up and the door is glass, my logo?"

Khloé then offers her support to Kylie, saying that there is “There's no f**king friends and loyalty in the game of being a billionaire.”

Though we’re interested to see how this dispute will play out on this Sunday’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians (we imagine it won’t be pretty), we’re also interested to see whether anything will blow back on Khloé or Kourtney or not, who seem to be just as involved in stoking the dispute as Kris and Kylie themselves.