VIDEO: Jennifer Aniston Explains Why She's Against a 'Friends' Reboot

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It might be the golden age of reboots and revivals, but for one '90s sitcom star, revisiting a classic TV series wouldn't exactly be the greatest idea in the world.

Jennifer Aniston, who, among a handful of other famous roles, is well known for her portrayal of Rachel Green on Friends, recently appeared on The Howard Stern Show and discussed the fan-favorite show. And despite previously claiming on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she would return to Central Perk, she shut down the idea this week, explaining that she wouldn't want to risk ruining a good thing.

As reported to Entertainment Weekly, when Stern asked if the 50-year-old actress would do a reboot for a "s**t load of money," Aniston said that while she misses it, it wouldn't be the best move.

"I honestly think we would love it," Aniston admitted, before adding, “There’s an idea that if there’s a reboot of the show it won’t even be close to as good as what it was, so why do it? It would ruin it."

This seems to be the general consensus to the possibility of reboots for many beloved shows. Though we'd love to revisit our favorite characters, honestly nothing could beat the original. Looks like we'll just have to keep binging Friends on Netflix...until it leaves for HBO Max.