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VIDEO: Hilarious Couple Creates Their Own Version of 'The Office' While Working From Home Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Utah couple parodies 'The Office' while working from home.
Utah couple parodies 'The Office' while working from home.

With people around the world going stir crazy in self-isolation, quarantine is bound to produce some funny results. Although there are already Coronavirus memes aplenty, one couple in Utah took their boredom a step further.

According to KSL News, teachers Chelsea Hull and Michael Haycock are doing the best they can to stay safe at home and update all their lesson plans virtually. Understandably, going from the highly social job of a teacher to staying home all day is not the easiest transition. "After being told we had to work from home, we were feeling down and already missing our students. We tried lifting our spirits by reworking and decorating our home office," Hull said in an online message.

"The earthquake was also very stressful for us," she continued, referencing Utah’s 5.7 magnitude earthquake on March 18. So instead of binge watching The Office all day, Hull and Haycock (along with their pets) decided to become The Office. Hull posted a hilarious video on her YouTube channel, which you can watch below, where the pair recreate the show's opening theme, quarantine style.

Apparently Haycock does improv comedy in his spare time and was looking for an outlet to have fun. Chelsea says that the pair "needed ‘a little silly’ to take away some stress." The video took the couple roughly an hour to make and includes plenty of gags that find the joy and humor in the not-so delightfulness of what’s going on in the world right now. The parody also stars the couple's pets: two dogs and a bird!

"We are so grateful for our animals, Lucy, Taco and Robirdo during this crazy time," Hull said. "They did a great job and really brought the video together!" It's good to see that people are making the best of a scary situation. If you're looking for some isolation reading, a new behind-the-scenes book about The Office is available for pre-order here.