'The Office' Fan Theory Argues Jim Halpert Might've Written the Entire Show

'The Office' theory on Reddit says Jim Halpert actually wrote the whole show.
'The Office' theory on Reddit says Jim Halpert actually wrote the whole show. / YouTube / The Office

For all nine beloved seasons, John Krasinski portrayed Jim Halpert in NBC's The Office as the most "normal" guy at Dunder Mifflin. The workplace comedy series, which ran between 2005 and 2013, continues to make audiences laugh probably even more so as the years go on. And since the show is still so popular today, fans remain steadfast in their obsession and theories. On the Reddit page r/FanTheories, one user suggested something a bit wild—that the show is actually written by Jim. Though it seems far-fetched at first, the Redditor has all kinds of supposed evidence to support the idea.

Reddit user u/Yahnster theorizes, "Jim is the immature/lazy prankster of the office and he only comes off as the good guy because the show is written by his character." They continue by saying that the reason other characters on the show have the personality traits they do is because that is how Jim sees them. For example, the user theorizes, because "Michael Scott is the manager responsible for making sure Jim gets his work done," and "Jim always gets away with being lazy and committing heinous pranks," this could me mean Jim sees Michael as incompetent.

Additionally, because Dwight is one of the most successful salespeople at Dunder Mifflin, the fan writes, "Jim writes him as an unsympathetic/overly authoritative wierdo [sic]... because Dwight exists as a constant reminder of how Jim's laziness/unwillingness to apply himself in life has pretty much guaranteed he'd be stuck as a paper salesman while Dwight who does everything wholeheartedly has achieved much success." The Redditor continues to explain why other characters in the series, such as Pam, are the way they are, and it all has to do with Jim's perspective as a supposed narrator.

You can check out the rest of the post here, and even add your own ideas to the theory! Can't stop thinking about Jim Halpert now? See how well you know him with this quiz.