'The Biggest Loser' At-Home Winner Megan Hoffman Talks Inspiring Others and Altering Routines for COVID-19 Changes

'The Biggest Loser' at-home winner Megan Hoffman speaks with Floor8 exclusively.
'The Biggest Loser' at-home winner Megan Hoffman speaks with Floor8 exclusively. / USA Network
  • Megan Hoffman joined The Biggest Loser 290 pounds at age 35.
  • The California girl was unfortunately eliminated in Week 6, but she didn't let that stop her from continuing her fitness journey.
  • Megan was announced the at-home winner, losing a total of 83 pounds and being awarded a $25,000 prize.

Although Megan Hoffman was upset to be leaving campus when she was eliminated from The Biggest Loser in this season's sixth week, that was hardly the end of her journey to a healthier lifestyle. Thanks to what she learned from trainers Steve Cook, Erica Lugo, host Bob Harper, and even her fellow contestants, Megan was able to recruit help from friends at home to continue to lose weight and practice better nutrition choices. Because of all of her hard work, Megan was announced the at-home winner during the show's finale, having lost a whopping total of 83 pounds since joining the show.

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Floor8 spoke with Megan exclusively about winning the big prize, how she's continued to stay motivated at home, and the adjustments she's had to make to her fitness routine due to the changes brought on by COVID-19.

Floor8: Congratulations on winning the at-home challenge! When you were up there on stage alongside Teri and Kristi, you started crying when you realized you had won. Can you describe how amazing that feeling was? It was so great to watch.

Megan: When I realized that I had just won the at-home prize I was filled with so many emotions. I wanted to break down into ugly crying. It was humbling knowing that I went on this journey to take a risk on myself and there I was standing on stage a winner. In that moment I realized no matter how many “eliminations” life may through at me, I will always be able to rise back up and fight again. There are no words that pin point that exact feeling, but I was overwhelmed with gratitude in that moment and I am still thanking God for everything he brought me through to get there! 

Floor8: Your final weigh-in revealed you lost an incredible 83 pounds. Did you ever imagine you’d be able to lose that much when you first joined The Biggest Loser?

Megan: Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would have lost 83 pounds when I first arrived on campus. In the past, I had fought hard to lose 10 pounds, so seeing myself accomplish 83 pounds still blows my mind, and it opened my eyes to the limitations I had put on myself in the beginning. Knowing what my body is capable of now, I fight that much harder. It’s been the biggest blessing and has kept me going on my pursuit to my goal weight! 

Floor8: How were you able to keep up a healthy fitness and nutrition routine when you came home? How were you able to keep up a healthy fitness and nutrition routine when you came home?

Megan: I was worried at first about how I would keep up with my nutrition and fitness regimen when I got home. My biggest lesson learned on campus was to ask for help. So that’s what I did. The day I got home I called up a few friends and we mapped everything out. They helped me and still help me keep on track. Creating a routine was key for me—meal preparing and also taking advantage of The Biggest Loser after-care. I was pleasantly surprised with how natural it became to adjust my old life into my new one. I have my friends and family to thank for that. I owe everything to my friends Ryan Amy, Andy, Michele, and Lacey (the one crying cheering for me at the finale). They get [me] moving everyday.

Floor8: What would you say was the biggest lesson you learned after your time on campus?

Megan: My biggest lesson being home is to identify my triggers—what causes me to crave junk food, when [I am] struggling to get moving or get my workout in. We all have triggers, and for me that usually led to skipping a workout or eating foods that were not helpful to my goal. Now, if I’m feeling that way I ask for help. The journey is not meant to be done alone. Ask, ask, ask! 

Floor8: Have you kept in touch with the other contestants, as well as trainers Steve [Cook] and Erica [Lugo], since the show ended?

Megan: Yes! We are one big family. We have a group text with all of the contestants and chat daily. It’s pretty hilarious and I am so thankful for them. I also talk with Steve and Erica all the time. Bob [Harper] is also there always supporting me. They are all in this with us and [are] invested in our journeys. 

Floor8: What was your favorite part of your experience on The Biggest Loser?

Megan: My favorite part about being on The Biggest Loser is that I get to show others that anything is possible. There is nothing special about me that made it easy for me to lose weight, so if I can do it, then so can you. I love being able to show someone that you can love yourself exactly as you are no matter what you weigh, but you are also allowed to love yourself and still desire change. I love being able to inspire others—it’s hands-down my number one passion. 

Floor8: What challenges have you faced, if any, with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down gyms and other public places? How have you worked through it?

Megan: COVID-19 has been tricky to navigate globally. During this time of uncertainty, mostly everyone’s routines are being shaken up and it’s easy to start to slipping on things that really matter. I noticed when the gyms got shut down, I was faced with a little panic of, "now what?" Being home all day, mostly everyone can relate [to the fact] that snacking becomes a constant habit. I had to make the choice to not buy any questionable snacks. I have my house only stocked with foods that are on my nutrition plan. Workouts for me have been outside running around the block [and] finding new paths to take. I also got a weighted vest from my trainer so that way I have an extra 20 pounds to carry when I go for runs. It wasn’t easy to switch everything up at first, but I will tell you that it is so worth it to keep moving during this time.

I also started a Facebook group called “The Community” to help others during COVID-19 with workout tips, encouragement, meal ideas, and a little push when they need it. [I'm] trying to make sure people have a place to go so they don’t feel alone or misplaced during this time.

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The last few days I’ve been getting a lot of messages about self worth. How did I learn to love myself at my heaviest, how am I learning to love myself with all of the excess skin? So here’s a small piece of advice for anyone struggling to love themselves right now, exactly where they are, for who they are. You can change your body, you can buy the car, you can make the money, you get a relationship but if you do not face down the lie that your worth is attached to those things you will be forever chained to them. The person God made you to be is 100% enough and if you have trouble seeing how valuable you are than it’s not your body that needs to change it’s the sources you are allowing to feed your mind. What is telling you that you don’t measure up? Get rid of that. Who is making you feel less than? Address it or Get rid of that relationship if it’s not healthy. What are you watching, listening too, desiring for? Is it entangling you deeper into a rut or setting you free? You can not please a task master. There will always be a new “image” that try’s to say you don’t measure up. But I will scream it from the rooftops... YOU ARE ENOUGH. It’s not easy, but it is worth it. I appreciate when someone tells me I’m pretty - I really do. We all do - it feels good. But I promise you what feels better than being pretty is being able to say that the standard someone try’s to measure me up against will never last because I am more than a body, a face, or a personality. I am worthy. I am enough. And so are YOU. ?_____________________________ #findhappinesswithin #happiness #motivation #checkyourmotives #weightlossmotivation #beforeandafter #stillinprocess #underconstruction #beautydoesntrinseoff #whatareyouwaitingfor #starttoday #movement #fuel #nutrition #biggestloser @biggestloser #weightlosstransformation #worthy #healthylifestyle #higherfurtherfasterbaby #buildingmuscle #selfworthy #weightlossstory #weightlossjourney #mindovermatter #futureisbright #removinglimitations #takecontrol #youareenough #iamenough #measureup

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Floor8: I think the biggest strength an at-home winner has to possess is motivation. How do you stay motivated everyday?

Megan: Motivation is tricky! It can come and go so quickly. The way I keep myself motivated is to remind myself why I am even doing this in the first place. Always know your "why"! I was so tired of living my life modified everyday because of my weight. So anytime I wake up and feel like I don’t want to go for a run around the block, I remind myself it’s that run around the block that allows you to live the life you have dreamt about.

Also, I fill my social media up with cool transformation pages. So every time I am on social I am constantly seeing people change their lives, and it’s encouraging and helps me keep going!