'The Biggest Loser' Trainer Steve Cook Talks Season Finale and How to Stay Motivated While in Quarantine

'The Biggest Loser' trainer Steve Cook speaks to Floor8 exclusively on the finale and how to keep active during Coronavirus restrictions.
'The Biggest Loser' trainer Steve Cook speaks to Floor8 exclusively on the finale and how to keep active during Coronavirus restrictions. / USA Network / The Biggest Loser
  • Trainer Steve Cook joined The Biggest Loser for its 2020 reboot, bringing his knowledge and experience from the world of fitness and bodybuilding.
  • Steve became a trainer for the blue team, while trainer Erica Lugo took on the red team.
  • As someone who has dealt with food issues and the pressure to look perfect, Steve was able to connect with his team and the contestants as a whole.

Steve Cook, who you might've already known from his popular YouTube channel where he boasts an impressive 1.28 million subscribers, or his Instagram where he's got a whopping 2.6 million followers, is an expert when it comes to fitness, bodybuilding, and wellness. Along with his own gym and an app called Fitness Culture, Steve decided to put his knowledge to the true test, by joining The Biggest Loser as a trainer. There, he taught contestants how to properly work out, how to eat right, and above all, how to find self-love and motivation. The finale airs tonight, March 31, at 9/8c on USA Network, and we're bound to see some amazing moments.

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Floor8 caught up with Steve via email prior to the finale, where he reflected on the ups and downs of the season, as well as provided advice for people stuck at home during Coronavirus who might be struggling to continue their workout routine.

Floor8: The contestants on The Biggest Loser certainly faced many challenges during their time on the show, and probably even considered giving up at times. For you as a trainer, did you have difficult moments where you second-guessed being there?

Steve: Absolutely. There were many times of doubt and self reflection. It was definitely a learning experience for Erica and me. We both had to face many of our demons and have grown for it. Forever grateful for the experience!

Floor8: The progress everyone made, especially the final three, was incredible to watch. What would you say surprised you the most about the contestants during this journey?

Steve: I was really shocked how we all came together. No matter the winner, we are all one big family and want the best for each other. You will definitely see tons of hugs at the reunion and some truly impressive transformations.

Floor8: You all quickly turned into a family, between sharing emotional moments and getting real about your vulnerabilities. Did you expect to become so close with the contestants, along with Erica and Bob?

Steve: Like I mentioned above, it was totally unexpected. It is such a transformative experience that we all are in together. We, including Bob and Erica, are bonded for life.

Floor8: How do you think your past obstacles and challenges helped you to connect with the contestants and motivate them?

Steve: Although I have never personally struggled with obesity, I have faced some truly low lows. It took me a long time to get a grip on my mental health. I was obsessed with looking perfect for that next magazine cover or campaign. I found myself letting my insecurities get the best of me and would end up binge eating and abusing my fitness routine. It was a vicious cycle that took a lot to break and I still struggle with it daily. Teaching these guys that the road to a healthy life starts with self love was mine and Erica’s mission from the beginning.

Floor8: What is the most important lesson you hope both contestants and viewers watching at home have learned from this process?

Steve: I hope people can take a step back to look at the bigger picture because mental health and physical health go hand and hand. It is 100% not just the numbers on the scale. We are aiming to fix bigger problems than just body weight percentage. Some of our contestants came in with hate or resentment for themselves and loved ones in their heart. Others came with Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Some even came because they felt they weren’t going to live long enough to see their children grow up. I hope people appreciate that the reboot is more than just the weigh-ins. We are working to get these people’s lives back on track.

Floor8: With Coronavirus still growing and everyone self-quarantining and social distancing, what advice would you give people who can’t go to the gym and maybe can’t even find motivation to work out in these difficult times?

Steve: I think it is so important to take a deep breath and re-evaluate the situation. There are so many things that you cannot control at this point in time and it is key to let go as best you can. A few things you can control? What you are eating, how you are thinking and the ways you are moving. You don’t need a gym to get your sweat on! Check out one of my at-home workouts on my Instagram or find a quick online yoga class to stream. Take 30 minutes to meditate with some calming music and open up a window to get some fresh air. It is easy to let the panic creep in but if we are going to bounce back stronger than ever we have to shine through.

Floor8: What’s next for you as a trainer?

Steve: I’m continuing to train and just launched my latest line of Gym Shark clothing online so I’m definitely staying busy and I’m so excited for viewers to tune-in for the finale to see how great everyone did at home!