'The Bachelor's Victoria Fuller Responds to Speculation She's Adopted After Hometown Date

Victoria Fuller responds to speculation she's adopted after hometown date on 'The Bachelor'
Victoria Fuller responds to speculation she's adopted after hometown date on 'The Bachelor' / Instagram / Victoria Fuller

It was hometown dates this week on The Bachelor, so Peter Weber jetted off to meet his ladies and their families in the states they grew up in. It was, as to be expected, full of drama, tears, and ever-continuing sass from Victoria Fuller.

Victoria Fuller Parents

The pilot travelled to Virginia to hang out with Victoria and her fam, but after a wild fight outside of her house, those waiting for her at her home never even got to meet Peter. In addition to her many other traits observed this episode, fans noticed that Victoria looked nothing like her parents when they were shown in a post-credits scene. This led to a full-on discussion on social media, with Twitter users even convinced that she must be adopted.

Is Victoria Fuller Adopted?

After last night's episode, Victoria shared a picture on Instagram of herself with Peter, which prompted someone to straight up ask her, "Are you adopted jw?" The medical sales rep actually responded, explaining, "No. My biological father passed away when I was 19. But my step dad is my world!"

As tragic as this is, now we're all left wondering why Victoria didn't share this fact with Peter earlier on during the season. Rather than getting personal and opening up about tough times she's faced in her life, she managed to pick fights with her leading man basically all season long. Seriously, it's been a rocky few episodes.

Victoria Fuller Ethnicity

As well as asking about Victoria's parents, fans on Reddit have been desperate to find out her ethnicity. One fan wrote, "Just flat out curious if anyone knows? She’s absolutely stunning to me." This started a debate, with one person speculating, "I'm not nearly as beautiful as she is but I am half white, half latina and my sisters and I all have the same large eyes like that. She looks latina to me, imho." Victoria herself hasn't confirmed her ethnicity.