'The Bachelor' Fans Are Calling Out Victoria F. for Acting Like She's Never Modeled and They Have Receipts

'The Bachelor' contestant Victoria Fuller faces backlash on Twitter
'The Bachelor' contestant Victoria Fuller faces backlash on Twitter | Instagram / Victoria Fuller

For everyone who watched the latest episode of The Bachelor, you'll know that there was some serious drama between Peter Weber's lovely ladies.

One of the challenges during last night's show was that contestants had to pick out clothes and model them on a catwalk, all while surrounded by an audience, judges, and, of course, Pilot Pete himself.

After winning the first impression rose during the pilot episode, Hannah Ann Sluss has had no problem remaining front and center. She was stunning during the runway contest and won the new wardrobe from Revolve. However, her victory is being dubbed "unfair" by some fans who have noted that she's worked as a model for years and has potentially even worked with Revolve.

Victoria Fuller had a notably tougher time during the runway challenge. She struggled with confidence and came off like she certainly had never modeled before and didn't know what to do, claiming she was too shy. Of course, she rocked the runway and even made out with Peter while on stage. So is she really afraid of being the center of attention like she says?

In light of this performance of naivety, fans have dug up some photos on the internet of Victoria quite literally modeling, and for a controversial company at that. As seen in the tweet below, the Virginia native posed for the brand "White Lives Matter," which promotes marlin fish conservation. Designer of the shirts, George Lamplugh, told USA Today that "people are way too sensitive today" when asked about the name's association with white nationalists.

It seems a little strange that Victoria F. made such a fuss about being shy, intimidated, and inexperienced, when it fully seems like she's not. We're betting this won't be the last time she angers Bachelor Nation fans.