'Bachelor' Fans Are Angry After Realizing Hannah Ann Might've Already Modeled for Revolve Before Winning Contest

Hannah Ann Sluss from 'The Bachelor' with Peter Weber
Hannah Ann Sluss from 'The Bachelor' with Peter Weber / Instagram / Hannah Ann Sluss

Hannah Ann Sluss is taking the competition by storm on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor. The 23-year-old contestant received the first impression rose during the premiere last week, and in the second episode last night, she won the modeling contest, leaving with bags of Revolve clothing.

The challenge was that the women had to pick out an outfit by Revolve and then model it on a runway. There was a team of judges and Peter was, of course, in the audience. While it was great for Hannah Ann, fans of the show are actually upset about the win, citing that she may have had an unfair advantage because she has worked as a professional model.

Internet sleuths watching at home also found old Instagram photos of Hannah Ann with Revolve tagged in the photos, seeming to indicate that she had already worked with the brand before coming onto The Bachelor.

However, CheatSheet points out that just because a model tags a company does not mean they are in a paid contract with them. Often people will tag a brand simply in the hope of getting a contract, so Hannah Ann may not officially have received paychecks from Revolve. But at the end of the day, she is way more comfortable in the world of modeling than other contestants.