Taylor Swift Fans Are Attacking Kim Kardashian's Instagram Page After Full Kanye West 'Famous' Call Leaks

Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian
Taylor Swift fans drag Kim Kardashian after full Kanye West phone call leaks | Christopher Polk/MTV1415/Getty Images

It's been nearly four years since a snippet of that now-iconic phone call between Kanye West and Taylor Swift was leaked. For a while, things started to cool off between the two, as they agreed to disagree about the lyrics in "Famous" (but both stood by the fact that the other person was lying). But flash forward to the present, and the entire talk has been released. And not so surprisingly, T-Swift fans jumped to her defense, getting in their jabs at Kanye how ever they could, even if it meant coming for Kim Kardashian, The Blast reports.

On Instagram, Kim lovingly shared a sweet throwback with Saint soon after the call was leaked. In the adorable shot, she's kissing his cheek, and the caption reads, "This is a screenshot of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s [sic]. Look at what a little chunk Saint was! OMG My baby!!!!!! I miss him this small!!!!" The warm fuzzy moment moment was sadly short lived.

We're sure the reality star had no plans to involve herself in her hubby's feud with Taylor via this post, but unfortunately for Kimmy, she shared it on the same day as the full leak. Coincidence? Swifty fans found the Kardashian guilty by association. One person said, "Apologize to @taylorswift," while another commented, "Kim and kanye are cancelled. Bye." A hashtag stating "boycott Kim and Kanye" began spreading like wild feud fire.

Kim allegedly removed the negative remarks as they rolled in, and commenters quickly called her out. One person wrote, "And deleting all the comments won’t stop people from knowing and remembering the truth. While it’s nice to have money, it’s better to have a clear mind."

Diehard Tay Tay fans have their hearts in the right place, for sure. And Kim's no stranger to social media backlash. Still, this fight isn't hers. And frankly, turning the attention to bad blood on a baby's photo isn't a good look for anyone.