Twitter is Divided After Kim Kardashian Shows Off Kids' Extravagant and Expensive Playroom

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian shows off crazy playroom for her and Kanye West's kids, fans react on Twitter | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian just logged onto Instagram and gave everyone a full tour of her kids' playroom. Spoiler alert: It's insane. The KKW Beauty mogul gave the tour mainly because people were commenting on how minimal her and husband Kanye' West's $60 million house is. Their home follows a monotone aesthetic, with cement and neutral tones, so fans were wondering if there was any color for the four children to enjoy. Kim set the record straight, beginning in her series of videos, “You guys always say my house is so minimal. Well, you guys haven’t seen my playroom.”

The businesswoman is pretty thorough in her tour of the playroom, revealing every parent and kid's dream. Most notably, the designated area has a stage so the kids can play band. There are buckets of instruments, with Kim sharing that North plays the violin. There's also a projector to watch movies on.

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Kim also gives a tour of the little grocery store area that Chicago loves to play in, also seeming to have some fun herself by ringing up groceries and showing fans how you sign the bill at the toy register.

In the videos, there's also also a heavy emphasis on education, with Kim showing where her children do their homework.

While it's an adorable tour, fans had some pretty serious reactions to the videos. According to People, the pillows on the stage are Takashi Murakami Flower Cushions and cost anywhere from $600-$6000. There's also a Kaws Companion Figure that costs a reported $5000.

With these expenses in mind, many people on Twitter felt the room was too ostentatious for children.

Others, however, celebrated how much fun space was dedicated to the kids, sending kudos to Kim and Kanye for it.

At least we all can admit that North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm are living a pretty lavish lifestyle.