Stranger Things season three will be arriving on July 4, 2019, and needless to say, fan can't wait. Along with the impending arrival of the third season, there’s been a ton of content related to the world of Hawkins, Indiana released recently, such as a comic book, a video game, and a novel that ties into the world of Stranger Things.

The novel, titled Suspicious Minds, takes place in 1969 in the same familiar town we all know and love. It follows college student Terry Ives, who on a ground of exploration for social justice enters the government testing program run by the malevolent Dr. Brenner. When she enters the program, Terry gets more than she bargained for, and uncovers the sheer evil Dr. Brenner is conducting during his research with LSD which is shown in the TV series.

One of the most talked about plot lines in the book is the mention of how the Upside Down was first discovered. While taking Dr. Brenner’s concoction of LSD and being exposed to electroshock therapy, a test subject named Alice is able to see both the Upside Down and the Demogorgon for the first time.

Other important topics in the book include the backstories of Eleven’s parents, and a plethora of cultural references tied into 1969, like the Summer of Love and Woodstock.

We’ll definitely be diving into this book further while we wait for season three to premiere!