Stranger Things Season 3 has been confirmed by the show's actors as having some exciting new talent, along with the tease that it will be the ​"Summer of Love."

The show's executive producer, Shawn Levy, has confirmed the new season will have a "really healthy dose of poppy, bright levity and cultural fun." 

However, despite the summertime fun the show will display, Levy is also letting it be known there is dark stuff coming to Hawkins--darker than usual!

“I can only promise you that Season 3 eventually goes places that are darker and unquestionably more action-packed than we’ve ever gone before,” he said in an interview with The Playlist. "It would be a mistake for anyone to think that Season 3 is the summer of fun and lightness because it’s a whole lot more than that."

Fans are looking forward to see how Levy and the rest of the crew can make Season 3 darker than the previous two, considering we've already seen child abductions, physical assaults, dead bodies, lobotomies and other spine-chilling scenes in the series. 

It is going to be insanely fun to see where the upcoming season, ​set to premiere in 2019, takes us. It appears the writers are attempting to satisfy fans who want more romantic relationships and the horror fanatics who also tune in to the show. 

We have a lot of confidence that the all-star cast, and the proven directors and producers, can satisfy everyone with the upcoming season, which will be built on two years of hype and anticipation by the time it's released.