Watch Steve Carell Hilariously Break Character in 'Space Force' Bloopers

Steve Carell breaks character in 'Space Force' bloopers.
Steve Carell breaks character in 'Space Force' bloopers. / YouTube / Netflix is a Joke

As diehard fans of Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, their latest collaboration was a no-brainer to binge. Space Force hit Netflix in May, and if you're anything like us, you finished the entire thing in one weekend (or less). While it certainly doesn't fill the void the Dunder Mifflin crew left when The Office went off air in 2013, it was still an entertaining show to watch. And of course, who could pass up seeing Carell take on a hilarious new role? Well, if you still need more content to get your fix of the beloved actor, we've got a video you have to see.

Netflix recently released a video of bloopers from Space Force, which is basically five minutes of Carell and his co-stars breaking character. Considering The Office bloopers are straight gold, we figured this would be worth the watch as well. And it turns out, it definitely is.

Carell plays General Mark R. Naird in the new Netflix comedy, but in the video below, he's anything but. From accidentally coughing and laughing after smoking a cigar, to struggling to get through lines, the actor proves that even Academy Award nominees mess up sometimes—and make it hilarious while doing so. Watch for yourself and try not to laugh.

Of course, this just makes us want a second season of Space Force even more! Read everything Netflix Life knows about a potential Season 2 here.