'Star Wars' Fans in New York City Are Loving This Epic New Baby Yoda Mural

Baby Yoda from Star Wars: The Mandalorian is officially everywhere, including the East Village in Manhattan.

If you take the subway to Second Avenue, you’ll find The Child from the breakout Disney+ series looking cute as ever. TimeOut reports that the mural was completed by street artist Will Power, who decided to paint the little green creature because he wanted to do something fun, and “something for the kids.”

Much like the franchise Baby Yoda is a part of, Power also wanted to add Easter eggs to his painting that have a weightier significance. At the top of the mural, a white spray-paint can is “battling” a black spray-paint can, "to play on good vs. evil, graffiti art vs. graffiti street bombing."

In addition, Power decided to give his Baby Yoda a New York twist, adding graffiti tags to his floating pod. He said of the artistic choice that he wanted it to look like taggers “gave him a friendly welcome to the neighborhood," adding, "This is New York, I can’t just paint Baby Yoda sitting in his stroller."

Despite the tags, the neighborhood has actually welcomed the artwork. Powers states, “The reactions of passerby was and is nothing but love and positivity on my creation. It is priceless!” Unfortunately, the locals won’t be able to enjoy the mural for long. Baby Yoda will be heading to another galaxy far, far away on Jan. 31.

If you are in NYC before the end of the month, be sure to check out Power’s mural; if you can’t make it to the Big Apple, you can find Baby Yoda on the first season of The Mandalorian, now available on Disney +.