Baby Yoda is Coming to a Build-A-Bear Near You

Have you been wishing that you could have a Baby Yoda of your own? Well, you soon can, and what's coming is better than we even imagined! People reports that Build-A-Bear CEO Sharon Price John revealed that the world’s favorite green guy from Star Wars: The Mandalorian will be arriving at the toy chain in the next few months.

John announced the new toy at the ICR Conference in Orlando, Florida this week, saying:

“I’m excited to share we will be one of the first companies to provide the digital and internet phenomenon who is trending higher than all the presidential candidates combined. We now will have The Child, also known as Baby Yoda.”

According to the publication, John was referring to data collected by NewsWhip which concluded that Baby Yoda is “driving almost twice as many average social media interactions on news stories about it as any 2020 Democrat [nominee].” Talk about a breakout star!

Though Baby Yoda is dominating social media, showrunner Taika Waititi recently revealed that we could be all wrong about the mysterious creature. While confirming he knows the character's real name, he also teased that he could be actually be a she. Series creator Jon Favreau also confirmed that Baby Yoda has a whole origin story yet to be explored.

We will hopefully learn more about The Child (and therefore Yoda as well) in the forthcoming Season 2, set to air in fall of this year. Until then, we will just have to snuggle up to our Build-A-Bear Baby Yoda and make up our own theories.