'Star Wars' Fans Are Freaking Out Over Creepy Unofficial Baby Yoda Doll Selling for Nearly $600

"The Child" / Baby Yoda
"The Child" / Baby Yoda / YouTube

Love for The Mandalorian has swept across the globe, and with it an undying obsession for the character of “The Child,” also lovingly called “Baby Yoda.” With today being Black Friday, many Star Wars fans have taken to the online shops to find unofficial merchandise of the teeny Jedi.

Disney has waited to release most of the character’s swag, other than a few items such as t-shirts and phone cases, so as to not spoil his inclusion in the series. This means that crafty diehard fans have had to take matters into their own hands. The result for one “reborning” doll will haunt your nightmares.

ComicBook.com reports that "reborning" is the practice of painting and decorating a baby doll, with the goal of making it look as realistic as possible, and while one craftsmen definitely succeeded in making their doll look life-like, it does not provoke the same warm and fuzzy feeling that the show’s Baby Yoda does.

You can check the Etsy listing for it here.

Twitter users did not hold back their fear and disdain for the creepy toy seen above. One user posted, “One of a kind?! Let’s please keep it that way…” Another commented, “Kill it with fire.” One person with a faux Jim Halpert account from The Office posted, “I blame this specifically, and unequivocally on suburban moms. They must be stopped.”

Not only does the terrifying toy look like something from a horror movie, but it is selling for a whopping $599. Looks like this The Mandalorian fan didn’t totally think their design choices through before posting it online.

Now, please excuse me while I go check for bootleg Baby Yoda under my bed…