Rob Kardashian is pulling a bunch of hoodies and pins from his line, Halfway Dead, because the skull design from the items is reportedly stolen, per TMZ.

Street artist Rx Skulls is famous for creating a design of a toothy skull, very similar to the one featured on Halfway Dead's items. Other artists and fans of Rx Skulls are calling out Kardashian for stealing the image.

According to TMZ, the artist got in touch with Rob's team and the conversation, apparently, ended amicably. It appears that Rob and his brand have deleted all of the images of the hoodies and other products that have the design and they agreed to get rid of them instead of selling them.

Rx took to social media to thank fans who spotted the copycat design by saying on his Instagram Story:

"Guys. I just want to say, thank you for the incredably [sic] humbling support. Y'all stood up for me in a huge way and I'm floored. It's so f---ing cool that you would take the time. I'm not gonna elaborate cause if you know you know. But everything is cool now. Surprisingly cool interaction and a positive end result."

Kardashian has not commented publicly on the incident.