The past several weeks have been good to fans of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. Late last month, the pair released their long-awaited second collaboration, “Señorita,” and since then, they’ve been spotted getting rather intimate in public. This week, however, a new figure emerged in the Mendes/Cabello relationship narrative: Pornhub, who called out the singers on Twitter for their rumored relationship pictures.

“We're not buying it,” the Pornhub Twitter account tweeted on Monday. Though the tweet was not in direct reply to any other tweet, it came a day after photos surfaced showing Cabello and Mendes on a walk, engaging in public displays of affection, that, according to PopBuzz, some social media users have labelled as “staged.”

Cabello and Mendes, for their part, have been cagey about directly saying whether they are in a relationship or not--leading some, including, evidently, Pornhub, to theorize that their teases are simply a publicity stunt.

Though the involvement of the pornography website seems inexplicable, their tweet at Cabello and Mendes is the latest in a long history of zany social media engagements. Recently, the website launched its “Beesexual” campaign to promote awareness of declining bee populations.

If you ask us, we’re amused to see Pornhub stepping in to comment on Cabello and Mendes’ possible entanglement--while it might not be as high profile a cause as the bee population, we think it should still be addressed.