While Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are each immensely successful in their own right, fans have devoted considerable attention recently not just to their individual efforts but to possible collaboration. Since the duo first teamed up in 2015, fans have clamored for another joint effort--and this week, Cabello and Mendes stoked the fires by releasing a teaser showing them almost kissing.

Yesterday, as reported to Entertainment Tonight, Mendes released a clip on social media showing hazy clips of Cabello and himself in an intimate scene, set to soft music and rendered in quality reminiscent of an old film camera. The video was posted without comment, and Cabello has yet to speak on it, sending fans into a frenzy.

Previously, Cabello and Mendes collaborated on the 2015 song “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” which came just after the release of Mendes’ first album Handwritten and several years before Cabello’s mega-successful 2018 solo debut Camila. Since then, they have dropped hints at a potential collaboration and have been spotted in public together, though no formal announcement has been made.

More recently, those hints have become more and more solid, with Cabello posting pictures of herself and Mendes on Twitter and both artists making Instagram comments referring to “IKWYDLS Part 2,” referring to the title of their original collaboration.

We’re excited to see what becomes of this new project. Is it a new song? A collaborative album? An indie arthouse film? Whatever it is, we’re sure that Cabello and Mendes will be putting their usual A-game into it.