10 'Outer Banks' Memes We Can All Relate to After Binging the New Netflix Show

The cast of Netflix's 'Outer Banks'
The cast of Netflix's 'Outer Banks' / Charley Gallay/Getty Images

The Netflix teen drama Outer Banks is the escapist series we all need right now. It follows a group of fantastically good looking high schoolers (actually played by 20-somethings) during their summer break on the coast of North Carolina. The show has all the angst, drama, and sun-kissed skin of a classic like The O.C., but with a twist. These teens are looking for a hidden treasure, and that quest seriously raises the stakes. 

Fans naturally binged the 10-episode first season in no time at all (zero shame if you watched it twice), and they’ve got some amazing reactions that we can all relate to. Here are 10 memes that perfectly express how we feel after finishing Outer Banks on Netflix. 

1. A totally reasonable reaction from JJ. Every time.

2. Is this what it's like to be a teenager in 2020?

3. There’s a vine for everything.

4. Rafe and Topper aren’t winning any popularity contests.

5. Bandanas are really having their moment.

6. You can’t always get what you want.

7. Same.

8. Anyone else a little starved for romance these days?

9. There’s no excuse at this point.

10. Zero patience waiting for next season.