10 Best Memes From 'I Am Not Okay With This' on Netflix

'I Am Not Okay With This' memes via Twitter
'I Am Not Okay With This' memes via Twitter / Twitter / @IanowtC

The latest Netflix teen drama has finally dropped, and it's already proven that it hits home for all different ages. I Am Not Okay With This follows Sydney (Sophia Lillis) as she tries to navigate the ups and downs of high school, all while realizing she might have some type of supernatural powers. Not easy for anyone, especially for someone also going through puberty and trying to figure out her sexuality. Fans are already calling this show the new Stranger Things, and we can see why.

I Am Not Okay With This is racking up tons of fans already, who, of course, are discussing with one another on Twitter. Although this is a dramatic and intense show, there are some funny and certainly sweet moments, from which many great memes have formed. Here are 10 best memes from the new show.

1. This was the first thing I noticed.

2. The Breakfast Club is always an influence for every high school setting.

3. Is Sydney the next Eleven?!

4. So. So. Annoying.

5. Innocent souls just slurping!

6. Everyone is obsessed with him at this point.

7. Fans have been taking extreme measures to binge Season 1.

8. They're just his favorite!

9. So... What now?

10. This show better get renewed for another season.