Marlon Wayans Really Wants to Play This DC Character

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 07: Marlon Wayans attends the premiere of Netflix's "Sextuplets" at ArcLight Hollywood on August 07, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images)
Premiere Of Netflix's "Sextuplets" - Arrivals | Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

Marlon Wayans manages to make everything hilarious, most memorably with his iconic roles in White Chicks and the Scary Movie series. ScreenRant recently interviewed the comedian while he was promoting his new Netflix movie Sextuplets, and asked about his dreams for future projects. Surprisingly, he admitted he'd love to take on a DC character.

Wayans excitedly talked about the possibility of lending his comedic talent to the role of Plastic Man, explaining:

"I would love to play Plastic Man. I think he works with the comedic skill set that I have, in terms of how I'm physical, I'm bendy. And I think it'd be cool to just do it without... You know, what's great about Black Panther is he's a black superhero, right? But sometimes [it's fun] to just do something. Like, you wouldn't think Plastic Man was a black guy, but it's not black - it's just, he's plastic. I think it'd be fun for me, because I know I got to add my humor to it. The only two superheroes I ever really wanted to play was Plastic Man and The Mask. Those are the two superhero films I would love to play."

But Wayans isn't the only actor with his eyes on Plastic Man. ScreenRant reports that Ben Schwartz of Parks and Recreation has also been considered by the internet as a possible candidate.

We'll have to see if all this talk turns into a real film!