Mark Hamill has reminded us of how much we love him via Twitter once again.

Leading up to Super Bowl LIII, there was a lot of hype surrounding what trailers would be revealed during one of the biggest television events of the year. While there were trailers for some of the hottest franchises with new installments making their way to theaters this year, such as Avengers: Endgame and Toy Story 4, no trailers for the follow up to Star Wars: The Last Jedi were anywhere to be found.

Just when it appeared all was lost, Mark Hamill (a.k.a. Luke Skywalker) took to Twitter to make up for in humor what fans felt they were lacking in new content. Hamill consoled fans by joking the title was spoiled by TV show Futurama.

The hilarious cartoon reference stems from an episode of Futurama where the main characters go to a theme park made to look like the 20th century, fittingly named "Past-O-Rama." There, they see a marquee for a theater showing Star Wars 9: Yoda's Bar Mitzvah.

Hamill's humor may have held Star Wars fans off for the time being, but with the movie heading to theaters in late 2019, we can't help but wonder when the real title will be revealed.