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Love is Blind star Danielle Ruhl celebrates her relationship and marriage to Nick Thompson

"Love Is Blind" Atlanta Screening & Reception
"Love Is Blind" Atlanta Screening & Reception / Paras Griffin/GettyImages

Love is Blind star Danielle Ruhl celebrated her relationship and marriage to Nick Thompson, in a sweet tribute on Instagram, where the reality star shared several images and a lengthy caption dedicated to her new husband, "I believe that date brought us together," she wrote in her post before diving into the reasons why.

She began her post, "There are many reasons Nick and I believe that fate brought us together. There were so many instances in which we were at the same place, at the same time, but never interacted with each other."

"Wanted to share a few examples: Nick lived right next to my best friend's apartment - in the same unit w two apartments total) and I was there almost every day. I am sure there are countless times that I ran into him, and my friends had partied at his apartment - but we never met. (One of my friends actually passed out in his bed at a party at his I almost went to lol)Nick applied to my dad's small company while I was interning there. Two of my best friends lived across the street from Nick (and now my) place for years - and we frequented the same park but never spoke. Then immediately when we started talking in pods it felt as if I knew him for years, and I could sense it was him in the pods before he even started talking. So many missed connections which is why I believe we both had to meet in the way we did in order to get to know each other on a deep level without distractions. Part of the reason we took the leap of faith and got married, was because somehow we knew so quickly it would be us for the rest of our lives."

She then encouraged her followers to share their love stories with her, "I love hearing the stories you’ve shared so if you have similar experiences leave in comments! I read every one of them bc I rly like hearing ur stories."

Check out the post below!