Kylie Jenner is Unfairly Facing Backlash for Dressing Daughter Stormi 'Like a Boy'

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner faces backlash on Instagram after dressing daughter Stormi "like a boy" | John Shearer/Getty Images

This doesn’t seem like something we should have to discuss two weeks into 2020, but yet here we are. Kylie Jenner gets criticized for a lot of things, but this time she is being dragged for dressing her one-year-old daughter, Stormi, “like a boy,” and I’m rolling my eyes so hard I’m surprised they are still in my face.

OK! Magazine reports that the makeup mogul posted a sweet picture of her baby girl, who she shares with her ex-boyfriend, Travis Scott, wearing designer jeans, a colorful graffiti tee, and BAPE sneakers. She captioned the adorable photo, “love of my life.”

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love of my life ?

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Of course, trolls had to take it upon themselves to ruin the precious moment with their closed-mindedness. One follower posted, “Why you always dressing her like a boy?” Another commented, “She looks like a boy! Stop dressing her like that.” One particularly ignorant troll even wrote, “This is why we have so many queer children these days. Parents can’t dress them like the gender they are.”

Of course, the amount of fans in love with Stormi’s swag far outnumbered the haters. One user responded to the criticism, “Jeans and tees are only for boys? Are you kidding?,” and another clapped back, “How the fudge does the clothing make your child gay? When I was little I chose boys['] trainers over girls['], I’m not gay, take your opinion elsewhere, it’s not wanted here!”

These trolls either need to join us in this century, or stay hidden under their rocks. That way the rest of us can channel our inner-Stormi and rock whatever fashion we like, regardless of gender stereotypes.