Kylie Jenner and Drake Are Reportedly 'Not Romantic' Amid Dating Rumors

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Another day, another rumor.

Kylie Jenner was spotted hanging out with Drake at his birthday party last month, which led to reports that they were spending time together even more than usual. The 22-year-old makeup mogul attended 33-year-old Drake's birthday Halloween party last week, making fans raise some eyebrows. Not only that, but Kylie and Drake live closeby to one another, sharing a zip code in Calabasas. Things really escalated when People reported the two were hanging out "romantically." Um, what?!

Well, don't freak out too fast. E! News is now clarifying that the two stars are hanging out, but not in a romantic least not yet. "They are definitely spending time together and seeing each other more frequently," a source tells the site. "She's very comfortable with him because she's known him for so long. It may turn into something more than friends. She's exploring things and is happy to be seeing him. But she considers herself to be single."

So how does Travis Scott feel about all of this, even if it is all rumors? Allegedly, Stormi's dad is not threatened by Drake's presence.

Even though Kylie and Travis are separated, sources say the makeup mogul is very focused on keeping Travis in Stormi's life, and Travis will likely be spending time with his ex and their daughter over the upcoming holidays.