Kim Kardashian, the face of everything glamorous in the world, just admitted that her husband, Kanye West, doesn't like her makeup at times. If you've seen Kim, you would know that finding any flaws with her is next to impossible, but of course Kanye always has something.

Kanye is a notorious perfectionist so this shouldn't be a surprise, but come on, 'Ye, look at your wife! She's gorgeous.

According to People, Kim admitted to her husband's scrutiny during friend and makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic’s master class this past weekend.

She said, “[Kanye] is actually really opinionated sometimes. He will come in and be like, ‘You know your blush is a little heavy.’ Or say, ‘What are you doing? That’s not the shape of your lip.'”

Kanye is going as far as offering makeup artist Mario to move to L.A. so he can be with Kim at all times just in case of a makeup emergency. According to Cosmopolitan, Kanye loves the way the makeup artist does Kim's face.

“[Kanye] actually called me and said, ‘Alright how much will it cost for you to move back to L.A.? I want you here for her,'” Mario said. His high-handed tendencies go as far as calling Dedivanovic to come over without Kim knowing. “He will call Mario without telling me! And Mario shows up without me knowing and he is like, ‘Oh Kanye called me and said it was a makeup emergency,'" Kim shared.

This isn't the first time Kanye has been overbearing with his ideas. Remember the time he threw out nearly all of Kim's clothes to revamp her wardrobe?

And even last year, Kim revealed on Keeping Up With the Kardashians that Kanye wanted to control what she posted on Instagram. He apparently got mad at her when she posted something that didn't match the aesthetic of her page.

I guess Kanye just wants Kim to be the best person she can be, even though he goes a little crazy trying to get it done.