​Did Kanye West pull a ​full-on Younes Bendjima and try to control what Kim Kardashian was posting on Instagram? Pretty much, but thankfully, Ye wasn't shaming her for lack of clothing.

On tonight's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim confessed to Kourtney that she had been fighting a lot with Kanye since their third child, Chicago, was born. Chalking it up to Kanye possibly feeling neglected by their kids, Kim explained they'd been getting into very silly arguments.

The 37-year-old reality star told her sister that Kanye recently got mad at her for what she was posting to Instagram. As any fan knows, Kim's Instagram is extremely important to her, as she shares frequently with her 118 million followers.

Apparently, Kanye was trying to control what Kim was posting, as for the aesthetic he wanted her to post several photos from a hotel photoshoot in a row. KKW instead wanted to post a picture of her on the beach, and proceeded to do so, which seriously got Kanye angry.

Kim stood her ground while recounting the fight to Kourtney, saying she wouldn't let Kanye control her Instagram, as it's something she wants to have an opinion on. However, looking back to her page now, it seems the rapper did get his way!

There are indeed the six hotel photos Kanye wanted Kim to post in a row, with a beach photo seemingly taken the same day then posted a little over a week later.

It's a little insane for Kanye to try and order Kim around when it comes to what she posts on Instagram, but honestly, ​knowing him, this isn't surprising whatsoever.