Kelley Flanagan Throws Shade at 'The Bachelor' Fan Poking Fun at Her Relationship With Peter Weber on Instagram

Kelley Flanagan posts shady comment at 'The Bachelor' fan making joke about her and Peter Weber.
Kelley Flanagan posts shady comment at 'The Bachelor' fan making joke about her and Peter Weber. | Instagram / Kelley Flanagan

Peter Weber has faced his fair share of backlash since his season of The Bachelor aired, and apparently so has his girlfriend, Kelley Flanagan.

Fans of the popular franchise will remember that Peter flip-flopped between girls during and after his season, going from wanting Madison Prewett, getting engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss, and then going back and dating Madison (if only for a few days). He then began a relationship with Kelley, who competed on his season and was eliminated in Week 7. Of course, this confused fans considering she didn't make it that far, and Peter has since explained that the show wasn't the "most organic" way for him and Kelley to explore things, and things just clicked off screen.

But despite the couple being extremely happy now, people still apparently can't help but poke fun at the situation. And when a fan tagged the two on an Instagram post from @ThePointsGuy and asked, "@pilot_pete is it true 3rd time[s] a charm? Asking for a friend. CC @kelleyflanagan," the Chicago native couldn't help but respond by throwing some shade. As captured by Reddit user mlc88, Kelley wrote back, "If only you were knowledgeable enough to know how reality tv works then I would take your comment serious. Have a good day! [heart emoji]."

Fans on Reddit quickly weighed in, with many arguing that Kelley overreacted. "I felt like this was such a lighthearted comment and [Kelley] took that to level 99," user GGallowBoob wrote, while user PrincessPlastilina stated, "Kelley, you can’t get defensive when Peter’s season was so messy and nonsensical to begin with." Others found it interesting that she was seemingly blaming producers for Peter's actions. User throwaway2023031 asked, "Am I the only one who doesn’t get how reality tv made Peter get engaged to [Hannah Ann], pursue Madi for two days then ultimately end up with Kelley? If Peter was manipulated as Kelley claims don’t you want a man who can hold his own lol."

No one's to say what exactly went down between Peter and Kelley post-Bachelor, but we're sure Bachelor Nation will have things to say about their relationship for a while to come.