Kailyn Lowry Reveals She's Planning a Home Birth for Baby Number Four

Kailyn Lowry says she's planning a home birth for baby number four.
Kailyn Lowry says she's planning a home birth for baby number four. | Instagram / Kailyn Lowry

It's almost July, Teen Mom fans! So you know what that means for Kailyn Lowry—next month, baby number for will finally make his big debut. On social media, the mom-to-be recently revealed the ups and downs of this particular pregnancy, some big decisions about the birthing plan, and of course, the reality star gave the lowdown on her very real pregnancy cravings.

According to In Touch Weekly, Kailyn was willing and ready to answer any and all pregnancy related questions for her fans. In the Instagram Q&A, one of the biggest reveals came when a fan asked, "What's your birthing plan this time around?" The Teen Mom 2 star didn't hesitate to respond, saying that she's preparing for a "home birth."

Kailyn also shared a chart showing where she's at this very minute, depicting a pregnancy at 35 weeks along. The chart also noted that her baby boy is now about the size of a "spaghetti squash." And the food talk didn't stop there. As the publication notes, the reality star can't get enough watermelon, but it “needs to be ice cold” or it just won't do. The reality star also opened up just a little more, sharing how her "anterior placenta" has made getting an ultra-sound glimpse of her baby more difficult.

As we all know, this isn't Kailyn's first rodeo. The soon-to-be mother-of-four is also preparing for much more than the home delivery this time around, as she's already thinking of a postpartum health plan. My question is, will Chris Lopez be invited to the home birth, or is she still unsure?