Kailyn Lowry Opens Up on Picking a Name for Baby Number 4

'Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry discusses picking a name for her fourth child
'Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry discusses picking a name for her fourth child | Instagram / Kailyn Lowry

Baby number four is soon joining Kailyn Lowry and her family. Since her pregnancy announcement, most of the comments and replies about the news on social media have been directed at the father's identity. But now that we know for sure it's Chris Lopez, people have been posing a different question. And according to In Touch Weekly, Kail doesn't know how to answer this one just yet.

Fans have been eager to know the name of her little one on the way, but Kailyn's not quite sure. One person asked, “Did you figure out a name yet?” and the Teen Mom 2 star had no problem letting them know it's been a bit of a struggle. Lowry replied, “No. Everyone suggests names 12 other kids I know have.” When fans began making suggestions, like names that start with "I" or "L," she shut that down as well, politely letting her helpful fans know she doesn't really want to limit her choices. And knowing what you don't want in a baby name is half the battle.

We suspect there's a chance Lowry has a baby name or two in mind already, but is remaining hush-hush for now. She's remained candid and chatty on social media, but it seems there are more and more things she's keeping to herself. For instance, she recently set her Twitter to private. And we don't blame her. Almost everything she shares and does lately is met with a constant stream of online hate. So perhaps she's keeping baby number four's name private as well for the time being.