Watch Joe Keery in Wild Trailer for New Dark Comedy 'Spree'

Joe Keery stars in new movie 'Spree.'
Joe Keery stars in new movie 'Spree.' | YouTube / JoBlo Horror Trailers

Production for season four of Stranger Things was put on hold in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, but if you're missing Steve Harrington actor Joe Keery, look no further. As reported by DigitalSpy, Keery is starring in a new dark comedy film called Spree. The vlog-style film, directed by Eugene Kotlyarenko, stars Keery as Kurt, a failed pseudo-Uber driver and internet content creator who decides to go to extreme measures to grow his following. After implementing his scheme, Kurt's desperation grows as he attempts to outmaneuver the plan's flaws.

Spree premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival and will be released in cinemas and on-demand on Aug. 14, 2020. You can check out the trailer below. There aren't any Demogorgons, but the trailer sets a creepy tone for sure! Keery pulls off the creepy, pathetic, and deranged character so well that he's almost unrecognizable.

The film also stars Sasheer Zamata as a stand-up comedian with her own plan to go viral. The plot of the movie goes to show just how far people will go to get more followers on social media. Meanwhile, while you patiently wait for season four of Stranger Things to premiere, you can stream the first three seasons on Netflix now.