'Stranger Things' Star Joe Keery and Girlfriend Maika Monroe Star in New Horror Short 'How to Be Alone'

Joe Keery and Maika Monroe star in new horror short 'How to Be Alone.'
Joe Keery and Maika Monroe star in new horror short 'How to Be Alone.' | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Production for season four of Stranger Things was put on hold in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, but if you're missing Steve Harrington actor Joe Keery and his awesome hair, look no further. As reported by Bloody Disgusting, Keery and his girlfriend Maika Monroe, who is also an actor, co-star in a new horror short film that is available to watch on YouTube!

The film is called How to Be Alone and is around 10 minutes long. It focuses on a young woman (Monroe) spending time home alone after her significant other (Keery) goes to work for an overnight shift. Besides having an awesome apartment, the woman seems to struggle with unspecified mental and emotional issues. She makes a list of ways she handles being alone—turning on all the lights in the house, keeping the television on, making a list of all the fun things she will do in her solitude, and promising herself not to slip into bad habits. These include smoking, drinking, and taking pills, all of which are patterns she falls back into over the course of the film. The movie is part of a series called World of Death, a web show that features short horror films from all over the world.

The horror aspect comes from a wooden cabinet in the woman's home, an object on which she is fixated. A variety of unnerving images haunt her in a heart-pounding sequence, every minute more tense than the last. The film is a slow burn that culminates with the appearance of a mist-shrouded creature that seems eerily reminiscent of the Mind Flayer.

You can check out the full film below.

For such a short project, the production quality is truly incredible. Keery is great, but Monroe's acting prowess really shines in How to Be Alone.