JK Rowling Once Revealed Her Favorite 'Harry Potter' Character

The final Harry Potter movie was released seven year ago, but the series' legacy will never die. Fans have kept their favorite characters alive through a plethora of ways, such as hosting annual conventions and posting about the series on social media.


Along with fans keeping it alive, JK Rowling has garnered press by using social media to reveal important secrets about the series. And she once revealed one of the most interesting of all: her favorite character.

Many fans have wondered who Rowling's favorite character is from the very series she created. An easy guess would be the main young protagonists Harry, Hermione and Ron. However, Rowling's all-time favorite happens to be higher in the age bracket.

It comes as no serious shock that Dumbledore is her favorite, because the elderly wizard is one of the most beloved characters in the series for his role as the headmaster of Hogwarts and mentor for our favorite youngsters. He was even voted as the teaching profession's favorite all-time teacher.


Originally portrayed by Richard Harris and Michael Gambon, Jude Law has now taken on the role as Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts series.

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