8 Most Heartbreaking ‘Harry Potter’ Deaths Ever

The ‘Harry Potter’ series may be over, but fans of the amazing books and movies still mourn over their favorite characters who died. These are eight of the most heartbreaking deaths in the magical franchise.

1. Dobby the House Elf

Dobby was perhaps one of the most innocent and purest characters in the films. Unfortunately, he died while trying to save Harry and the gang. While transporting to another area, Bellatrix threw a knife and stabbed Dobby. Dobby is finally truly free.

2. Snape

Even though he wasn’t the most favorable character until the end, fans felt sympathy for the character when he died. Voldemort believed he was the owner of the elder wand because he killed its original owner, Dumbledore. Before passing, he told Harry to collect his tears. In those tears held his memories which allowed Harry to see Snape’s memories. Harry learned that everything Snape did was solely for the purpose of protecting Harry. Our hearts hurt just thinking about it.

3. Fred Weasley

He was one of Ron’s brothers and twin to George Weasley. During the Battle of Hogwarts, he died during an explosion. This tragic event is truly heartbreaking because he left behind his twin brother, who never really recovered from the loss. Who could recover from that?

4. Hedwig

Harry’s beloved and loyal pet owl had short screen time and died early in ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part l’. During the Battle of The Seven Potters, Hedwig came to protect Harry but died after being hit by a killing curse.

5. Lily Potter

Harry Potter’s mother loved Harry dearly and protected him until the day Voldemort killed her. The day that Voldemort came to Harry’s home, Lily casted a protection spell on Harry to keep him safe from Voldemort.

6. Dumbledore

This tragic event was of course one of the most iconic deaths of the film series. In order to gain Voldemort’s trust, Snape killed him. At the time, viewers despised Snape for killing him, but later learned in the last film that Dumbledore ordered the kill.

7. Helena Ravenclaw

She is known as the 'Grey Lady' in Hogwarts, and died due to not loving a man named Blood Baron. Helena ran away from home, and her mother sent the Bloody Baron to find her. He fell madly in love with her but she didn't love him back. He murdered her because of it.

8. Charity Burbage

Charity was the woman floating in the room filled with Death Eaters and Voldemort. She had views of wizards and muggles being able to mate. She was kidnapped and tied up, before Voldemort ended up killing her.