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Jenelle Evans Says She Plans on Modeling and Writing a Book With Her Mom Following 'Teen Mom 2' Firing

Jenelle Evans talks career plan after 'Teen Mom 2' firing, including modeling and writing a book
Jenelle Evans talks career plan after 'Teen Mom 2' firing, including modeling and writing a book | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

After being fired from Teen Mom 2, Jenelle said bye-bye to life on camera for a hot minute. In recent months, she's made an active effort to live free of onscreen drama and instead be full of positivity. But it seems that's all about to change. The controversial star says she's ready to return to the spotlight. More specifically, the catwalk.

According to The Ashley, Jenelle's MTV contract will be up next month. So what's next? As fans know all too well by now, she was fired from Teen Mom 2 last year after her ex killed the family dog. Whenever she's finally free to pursue new onscreen avenues, Jenelle says she might give modeling a go.

The former MTV personality recently sat down with Bunnie from the Dumb Blonde podcast and they discussed all sorts of things, including Jenelle's former co-stars, her future plans, and surprise, surprise: David Eason. She even noted she's considering writing an advice book with her mom.

Jenelle claims she's mostly interested in pursuing work behind the scenes for now, but added,“I’ve been trying to get into modeling…get a portfolio." She continued dishing to Bunnie, explaining how she plans to transform her Instagram from a family-friend feed that mostly displays her children into a look book of sorts. “I want to focus my Instagram on myself, not as much about the kids or my relationship,” she said. “Like, what I’m solely up to because it’s my Instagram. It’s not for my whole family. It’s to show what I’m about as a person.” 

We wish Jenelle the best of luck in launching the next phase of her career and are super curious to see how it goes.