As the custody battle wages on, Jenelle Evans, former Teen Mom 2 star, turned to Instagram to let everyone know how much she's missing her daughter. In two adorable video clips, Jenelle posted two-year-old Ensley talking and drinking juice and captioned it: "Come home #mommasgirl." She has since deleted the post, likely due to the comments she faced.

While the post is touching, fans didn't hold back, pointing out that Jenelle lost custody of her children after her husband, David Eason, shot and killed her dog, Nugget. Her son, Kaiser, four, allegedly told his school counselor and shortly after, all of the children were removed from their North Carolina home. Her eldest son, Jace, nine, was already in the custody of Jenelle's mother, Barbara Evans and now Ensley has joined him. Kaiser is with his father, Nathan Griffith.

Fans pointed out that David is the problem. One fan said in the comments section, "You know what you need to do to get all the kids back. You just refuse to do it. There are so many resources for battered women. Open your eyes!!!!!!!"

Another said: "If you want her to come home, then make a home suitable for her. #LeaveDavid."

Wow, so there's even a hashtag movement to get rid of David. Jenelle's mother has even shared her concern for Jenelle's safety while she's with David. In spite of all the feedback from family and friends, however, Jenelle has decided to stay with her husband and to continue the custody battle as a married couple.