​It's not unusual for Jenelle Evans' mom Barbara to have drama with her daughter's significant others, as she famously had problems with Kieffer Delp, Courtland Rogers, and now, Jenelle's husband ​David Eason.

However, the Teen Mom 2 star has just revealed unbelievable news. ​Jenelle took to Twitter to share with her followers that Barbara and David are finally getting along. Uh... what?! We're not convinced.

Many replied, all in shock at the revelation. "I’ll wait to hear that from Barb as I don’t believe it," one wrote, with another adding, "Babs told Dr. Drew that she’s worried David is going to kill her. It’s doubtful that they magically get along now."

When Nicholas Liddle responded saying "Thank God," Jenelle replied, "She noticed he’s very “handy” and appreciates that. So far so good!"

Hm... Do you believe Barbara and David are actually getting along? The last we heard, Barb was siding with Jenelle's ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith, wanting him to get custody of their son.

If they actually did find a way to resolve their problems, we're glad. Hopefully it lasts.​