Ariana Grande has been seriously blessing fans with all the new music she's released in the past year. From her album Sweetener in August, to new singles "Thank U, Next" and "Imagine" in late 2018 and now "7 Rings" 2019, the singer is on a roll and has no plans of stopping yet. Her next album, Thank U Next, is due out on Feb. 8, and if the tracklist tells us anything, it's that this is a whole new mood for Ari.

One song in particular on the tracklist caught fans' eyes the most, honestly just because it's so bold and unlike the Ariana we know. The last track is called "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored," and people expectedly have some thoughts.

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Besides the initial "oh my gosh, Ariana is wild" reaction, fans are now trying to figure out what guy the singer could be interested in who has or had a girlfriend. While fans are most likely jumping to conclusions here, the general consensus is that Ariana might be talking about her ex-boyfriend Big Sean. Crazy, we know. But there are hints.

Ari and Big Sean dated from 2014 to 2015, and reportedly did not have a bad breakup. The exes seemingly stayed on good terms over the years, as the singer revealed she let Sean listen to "Thank U, Next"—the song she name-drops him in—before its release. But just because they remained friends doesn't mean she wants to date him again, right? Right, but there is another major clue.

In the "Thank U, Next" music video, Ariana includes photos of her exes in the Mean Girls-inspired Burn Book. Fans were quick to notice that for Sean's page, the singer wrote, "Could still get it." This was an incredibly bold move, especially considering Sean has been dating Jhené Aiko on and off since 2016.

Though we don't want to think Ariana would want to break up a relationship, her song literally says it. And Twitter users are certain it's referring to Big Sean.

Some have even been speculating that Sean and Jhené broke up, and the reason was because of Ariana. Neither parties have posted on social media of each other in months, so it's entirely plausible they split. Of course, however, these are all just theories. The song could just be for fun and not be about anyone specific at all. But the clues are definitely here which make us think it could be about the "Bounce Back" rapper.

We just need Thank U, Next to drop for all the answers.