HBO Max Release Date Confirmed With 'Friends' and Other Series Included in Premiere

Every 'Friends' season to premiere with HBO Max in May.
Every 'Friends' season to premiere with HBO Max in May. / Getty Images/Getty Images

As we're all starting to get into the groove of our simple schedules during quarantine, streaming services are more essential than ever. The annoying part, however, is that there's just so many out there to pick from, and at the end of the day, all we really want to do is re-binge Friends for the 100th time. Since the beloved series was taken off Netflix in the new year, fans have been getting creative in their methods of watching, and even dropping an unnecessary amount of cash to buy seasons and episodes. Well, everyone, good news is here.

Although the planned Friends reunion special will not premiere alongside HBO Max as it was once believed because of filming being postponed due to COVID-19 safety concerns, all 10 seasons of the NBC show will be included on the release day, as reported by E! News. The upcoming streaming service announced today that it will be available on May 27. Alert your lobster—a whole lot of marathoning is about to go on!

In addition to Friends, the HBO Max premiere will also see classic shows such as South ParkThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and West Wing available for streaming, along with new titles like unscripted shows Legendary and Craftopia. A collection of films will be included as well, with even new ones such as Joker. In the coming year, the streaming service will debut many original shows, and will continue to add to their already stacked roster of titles. Take a look at the new teaser below and just try not to get excited!

This new platform might just have everyone else beat. HBO Max debuts May 27 and will cost subscribers $14.99 per month.