Farrah Abraham Sparks Controversy Yet Again With Lingerie Christmas Tree Video

Farrah Abraham
SYLVANIA SMART+ Presents Mashup LA | Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Wow, Farrah Abraham managed to even make decorating a Christmas tree NSFW. The former Teen Mom star posted a video to Instagram this week of herself putting a single ornament on the tree with Christmas music playing. Sounds nice, right? Except she was in some spicy red lingerie.

She looks great, to be honest. But it's a super uncomfortable video considering that no one else dresses like this when they're decorating for the holidays. Or do they? Is there something I'm missing?

Naturally, comments on Instagram began rolling in! Most people didn't have a problem with Farrah's outfit but rather their concern that her daughter, Sophia, was around to see her in it. One person commented: "I really hope [S]ofia was not in that room while you were dressed like that. No child should see their mother like that."

Another person wrote on her parenting choices, "If her child is being forced to film things like this I’m shocked no one has called social services. This is abuse in more ways than one. That poor child."

In fact, most of the comments addressed concern about 10-year-old Sophia, who is probably too young to observe these kinds of antics. There's no concrete evidence that Sophia was in the room with Farrah, but who else would be filming?