Social media users have never held back when it comes to what they think of Farrah Abraham. The former Teen Mom star has been under fire for years following her transition from reality television to adult entertainment.

But it seems Abraham is getting some extra criticism this week for posting pictures of her daughter, Sophia, at a beauty pageant. reports that 10-year-old Sophia won runner up at a National American Miss Jr. Pageant in Houston this month. Sophia shared a photo of her daughter all glammed up in her pageant attire with the following caption:

"Not your typical pageant mom but I support ladies investing in themselves and becoming a woman of value, [Sophia] congratulations on your win! I love you, I love supporting you. Your winning in life and you have had one of the biggest weekends in your life beyond this pagent [sic] ’m proud of you creating your own brand, taking interviews, meetings, having your on agents, and your own companies - you are selfmade [sic] and your are [100] % you - do not ever change... cheers to one of your biggest years of success."

Fans immediately jumped on Abraham, ripping her apart for everything from forcing Sophia to work to her poor grammar.

One user wrote, "My question is, You state she’s self made. Are you missing something between your ears?? Please invest in a Dictionary. She’s not old enough to sign legal binding contracts to have half the BS you post. You putting her name on something is not self made, also I doubt she runs anything or puts 40+ hours in a job. Let her be a child stop trying to live your dream through her. She’s a beautiful little girl not a puppet!!!!”

Though it seems that Abraham’s sentiments were coming from a sweet place, the public does not seem receptive to her parenting choices.